Aluminum Composite Panel Accessories

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What are the advantages of aluminum Aluminum Composite Panel Accessoriess?Non-structural adhesive has low strength and poor durability, and can only be used for ordinary, temporary bonding, sealing, fixation, and can not be used for structural parts bonding.
Structural adhesive has high strength, stripping resistance, impact resistance and simple construction technology. For metal, ceramics, plastic, rubber, wood and other same materials or different materials. It can partially replace welding, riveting, bolt connection and other traditional connection forms. The stress distribution of the binding surface is uniform, with no thermal influence and deformation on the parts.

Aluminum Composite Panel Accessoriess Structural glue is widely used in engineering, mainly used for component reinforcement, anchorage, bonding, repair, etc., such as sticky steel, sticky carbon fiber, planting reinforcement, crack reinforcement, sealing, hole repair, spike sticking, surface protection, concrete bonding, etc. The following is the introduction of high quality Aluminum Composite Panel Accessories, hoping to help you better understand Aluminum Composite Panel Accessories.
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  • Find a huge selection of Silicone Glue For Aluminum Composite Panel from China at YUNZHI. ​Structural adhesive refers to the adhesive with high strength (compressive strength> 65MPa, steel-steel tensile bonding strength> 30MPa, shear strength> 18MPa), can bear large load, and aging resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, stable performance in the expected life, suitable for the bonding of strong structural parts.

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