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How To Get An Accurate Quotation for UV Printing Aluminum Composite Panel?

To get an accurate quotation for uv aluminum composite panel, one first needs to know the factors that affect the quotation, and then combine various factors to calculate an accurate quotation for uv aluminum composite panel. The factors that affect the price of uv aluminum composite panel mainly come from raw materials, followed by real-time changes in the US dollar exchange rate, and finally shipping costs.
Firstly, the raw material part of the uv aluminum composite panel includes the core material part, aluminum, paint coating, and color. UV aluminum composite panel core materials include density polyethylene core materials and fireproof core materials. UV aluminum composite panel and aluminum alloy are determined by international aluminum prices. At the same time, it is necessary to determine the thickness of the uv aluminum composite panel and the thickness of the aluminum skin.The paint coating of uv aluminum composite panel includes PE coating and PVDF. The main colors of aluminum composite panel are plain, high gloss, brushed, wood grain, and so on.
Secondly, the price of uv aluminum composite panel is influenced by the real-time changing US dollar exchange rate.
Finally, the impact of shipping costs on uv aluminum composite panel is not significant, as it is mainly influenced by the season and the amount changes little.
So, in summary, to get an accurate quotation for uv aluminum composite panel, it is necessary to specify the core material, paint coating, color, the thickness of the aluminum composite panel, the thickness of the uv aluminum skin and receiving port.